More than Friends… A Sexy Fantasy & Naughty Confession Post


It was a Saturday night and the weather was quite rainy, Sebastian and Sonya sat on the couch sipping red wine in front of a crackling fire absorbing the heat for the fire. Sonya was dressed in a comfortable pair of ski pants with a matching crop top which was a size too small but Sebastian was not complaining. He was comfortable in a pair of slacks and a t-shirt. As they sipped the wine and chatted about the week, there was a sudden knock at the door. Sebastian got up, his manly figure shadowed against the wall as the fire carved a silhouette on the cold stark wall. Every ripple of his muscular physique visible, making Sonya sit up and take notice of him, kindling her desire for him. [Read more…]

What Women Want


Foreplay Tips

Foreplay is an essential part of great sex for women, but for many long-term couples less and less attention is paid to this prelude to sex as time goes by – resulting in women becoming less satisfied in the bedroom. 

Just as guys need an erection to have intercourse, women need foreplay to get their bodies ready for penetration – without it, sex can hurt. If you want to keep your sex life fabulous, try our great foreplay guide and see what it does for your satisfaction levels. [Read more…]